Installation view of DreamArena (2024) by Melle Nieling. Picture taken at Prospects 2024, Art Rotterdam.Installation view of Artemis (2023) by Melle Nieling, during the Bloodsport exhibition in AmsterdamLive Show (2022) by Melle Nieling displayed at inter.pblc in CopenhagenYou can't run, but you can hide (2022) at a&o Kunsthalle by Melle NielingTwo people are looking through the spyhole of Invisible Wall (2021) by Melle NielingInstallation view of Alison (2021) coupled with Flames (2021) by Melle Nieling on either side. Picture taken by Ollie Harrop at Cromwell Place.Overview of Vitamin D (2020) installation by Melle NielinVideo still from The Venice Biennale (2019) by Melle NielingExhibition Continues (2019) by Melle Nieling, a truck with art shipping crates is standing by the Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam during Art Rotterdam 2019Art shipping crates, secured with MoMA tape by Melle NielingView of the Proverbs 2:13 installation from the inside