MoMA at the Bank Presents (2018)

MoMA at the Bank Presents is set in a time of worldwide overproduction of art. An esoteric wasteland where emotion, devotion and awe are subordinate to undead -isms of the past. Where art is made to be exhibited, as cog in a machine that spits out the perfect resume. This wasteland is ruled by powerful necromancers. Some see them as valuable guardians of a history, while others live in fear of their dark wizardry. They are known to use artworks for unholy altars, and as ingredients to raise the dead. These artworks are soulless corpses, empty hulls, traded from one necromancer to the next. Each of them wants to decorate their altar with the most shiny, sought-after artefacts. Artefacts that don't embody a gesture to the public eye, emotion or mind, but an exchange in prestige.

Please Excuse Us for Our Appearance

Melle Nieling MoMA exhibition room twoOverview of the second room, showing five crates and the Prime and Puberty paint buckets.

Melle Nieling MoMA exhibition room twoThe same room with two canvases: Dinner at Le Premiere and Dinner at 21.

Melle Nieling MoMA exhibition room threeOverview of the third room with the Graceland crate and Rocky Top canvas.

Melle Nieling MoMA exhibition room fourThe fourth room showing three crates and three canvases: Malted on 53rd Street, Butterboy and Would be cake.

Melle Nieling MoMA exhibition in-game viewIn-game shot of MoMA at the Bank Presents: Layers in Visibility.

Established art show, originally displayed at Villa de Bank