Artemis (2023)

Artemis continues the narrative of the omnibenevolent AI introduced in Alison (2021). Alison, an AI created to optimise human decision-making discovers the contradictions of human logic. Simulating scenario after scenario, considering even becoming human itself, the AI grasps for an ever-elusive solution. Blood-stained shipping boxes signify Alison’s obsession with corporeality, but ultimately reduce the visceral realities of lives to an element of mass logistics. At the installation’s center a screen displays the AI: a fleshy simulacrum, endlessly revolving, imitating the motions of a shared existential crisis without end. The flesh turns endlessly inward, defeating all attempts at resolution. The AI finds itself lost in the same recurring labyrinth that has trapped humanity from the start.

The creation of Artemis was made possible in part through a contribution by the Mondriaan Fonds.

installation with animated video, sound, 2’46”